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Black boots with white fur and side zipper.

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Small 8-9, Small 8-9 Wide Calf, Medium 10-11, Medium 10-11 Wide Calf, Large 12-13

10 responses to “Santa Boots”

  1. My waist measures 56” … will the 62” belt work with the added thickness of outfit? Also I wear a 10 1/2 shoe but my feet are wide … will the 10-11 boot work?
    (This is my first year as Santa so … rookie questions. Lol!)

    Santa Murphy

    • The 62 inch belt is 62 inches long fold near buckle to end. The holes start in 4 inches from the end. There are 8 holes spaced inch apart. So the 623 inch belt will be 58 to 50 inch in the cookie zone. This is the belly button area. You may need to order a custom size if your bigger than 58 inches around your belly button. The boots are roomy as they are costume boots and i also have a wide calf in the smaller sizes.

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