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White cotton long wristed gloves. 100% cotton knitted. Ribbed Backs. Washable. We also offer Sure Grip Gloves as well!

A nice little pouch for Santa or Mrs. Claus  to keep giveaway stickers, reindeer cards, coins or just to give a nice gift in!  These are Red Velvet and measure come with drawstrings and are offered in 3 sizes.

Small        4″ x 5.5″

Medium   5″ x 7″

Large        8″ x 8″ x 5″ round bottom hang packs

Imagine the joy on a child’s face as Santa reaches into his small Red velvet bag and hands them a coin that say’s “I Was Caught Being Good”! This product feature a red velvet drawstring bag and 4 dozen colorful plastic coins with the phrase “I Was Caught Being Good”. Order yours today!

Amish made 4 inch Santa belt. 53 inches long with brass buckle and 8 holes spaced 1 inch apart. First hole begins one inch from the end.


A great addition to your Santa Belt to hold Candy Canes, Giveaway Items, or personal items. Fit’s up to a 4 inch belt is black leather with a brass snap. Quality Amish Construction!

A great assortment of toy bags ranging from burgundy and red velvet, red pile plush or burgundy pile plush. All feature a white drawstring. All bags measure 29″ x 36″ inches. 

Bag Choices

  • Burgundy Toy Bag Compliments Burgundy Velvet Santa Suits                                                              Halco 997
  • Regal Red Toy Bag Compliments Regal Red Velvet Santa Suits                                                             Halco 996
  • Red Pile Plush Toy Bag PerfectCompliments Father Christmas or Popular Rental Suit                   Halco 995
  • Majestic Toy Bag features a burgundy pile plush that compliments the Majestic Santa Suit          Halco 998

This is a cute prop that really works! This is red and is motion activated has Santa’s Telephone sticker on the rotary dial. There are holiday messages from various people at the North Pole:

Reindeer Barn, Disconnected Number by Elves, Naughty and Nice List Department, Mrs. Claus Kitchen, North Pole Operator directs to various North Pole departments, North Pole Tailor Shop, Prancer at Reindeer Barn, The  Desk of Santa, Head Elf at Workshop, North Pole Gym a very cute prop for virtual visits as well!