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(This was the original title- the story is the same as “The Story of Santa’s Beard”)
11″ x 17″ softcover book
The national award-winning book,
The Myth of Santa’s Beard,
NOW available in an Extra-Large edition for group events.
Perfect for Christmas parties, Santa entertainment, libraries, schools, daycare centers, preschools, and Sunday schools.
The entertainment package contains:
One 11″ x 17″ softcover edition, The Myth of Santa’s Beard
Customized cloth carry bag with handles
Downloadable entertainment file: Unlimited use activities include:
Santa coloring pages
The Myth of Santa’s Beard Word Search (with answer key)

Christmas Song Game (with answer key)

Santa’s Beard Scramble Game (with answer key)

Christmas Things A to Z Game (with answer key)

7 Fun Group Games with directions

The Myth of Santa’s Beard in English and Spanish, printed on a 5″x 8″ sheet (best when laminated) with page breaks for easy reading, even with gloves on.

The Backstory of The Myth of Santa’s Beard. This is the story of what happened before and after the story in the book. With your creativity and embellishments this story will mesmerize the children as you tell it from your perspective.

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