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Jack wants this to be the best Christmas ever, and he knows just how to make it happen . . .

More! More lights, more presents, more cookies, more treats. More. More. More! So, when Jack breaks a dusty old ornament, he’s not sure why his mom is so upset. They can always get more ornaments, so what’s the big deal? Turns out the ornament was an heirloom, precious for more reasons than one. And Jack has a lot to learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

A fairy emerges from the shattered ornament. She has the power to make the most magical Christmasy things happen. Suddenly trees are sprouting, reindeer are flying, and snowmen are snowball fighting. All of it is so perfect, or it would be if she could fix Mom’s ornament. But she can’t.

So it’s up to Jack to make some Christmas magic of his own.

Author: DiTerlizzi, Tony
Binding: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781416939764
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Language: English
Page Count: 48
Size: 12.30″ l x 9.29″ w x 0.42

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