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A fabulous 270 page book on “Developing Your Santa” written by John M. Chilson.

The goal of this book is to help you on your journey to creating YOUR Santa — a Santa who knows how to create a memorable and magical experience for children and their families and a Santa who follows in the footsteps of St. Nicholas, the Gift Giver of Myra. I hope we travel this journey a long way together.

You may not agree with me 100% on everything and that is okay. We each must find our own way of portraying Santa Claus. But this guide will show you what I found that works for me and just might help you.

Many people think all it takes to be santa claus (with a small s and a small c) is to put on a red suit and a fake beard and say, ho ho ho.

They are wrong! I can put on a green operating room outfit, complete with hair cover and shoe covers and a stethoscope but that doesn’t make me a doctor and you sure don’t want me taking out your appendix.

Becoming a GREAT Santa Claus (large S and C) takes time to build up experience and training. Then there is the Performance Liability Insurance, annual back ground checks, good looking suits and more.

If you are just beginning to wear the red suit, this school and book will help start you on your journey to developing YOUR Santa Claus.

If you have been a Santa Claus for several years or more, this school and book may give you a new idea or two that will help you become a GREATER Santa Claus.

So, welcome to the journey. I will be your mentor, guide and friend during this part of your trip. I hope we travel a long way together.

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